About the Artist - Jerrie Jerné

Having a love affair with her camera for over thirty years Jerrie Jerné has enhanced her talent with participation at numerous Photography Workshops throughout the Bay Area. During the vast majority of this time period she specialized in taking wonderful photographs of nature, using black and white film and developing her own prints in the dark room. She also specialized in macro photography and her photographs had won local awards. Today she uses her digital darkroom to create her unique style of Photopainting. Her photographs become the palette from which she creates her designs. Using the computer as a compositional tool has given her unlimited artistic freedom with myriad possibilities.

The past seven years her talent has been graced with the creation of unusual flowing designs which embrace color and light. Her flowers dance, and her building and shapes become abstract shapes that hold a unique style. Creating that unique piece that speaks to you in a way only you can hear, is her challenge. She feels color represents energy, so her pieces are always vibrant and hold energy of their own. She has won the Tapestry Arts Invitational Circle Award in 2006 , 2007. and 2008 for her unique work. This festival is held in San Jose on Labor Day weekend. Her works have been shown and collected worldwide.

All pieces are limited editions and are signed and numbered.